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Trying Something New Can Cause Anxiety

Trying something new can cause you to feel off balance. Confused. Disoriented. Any kind of change can cause anxiety and uneasiness. It can make you feel uncomfortable and make you question the direction you’re headed in.

This is normal.

There are different types of changes we experience in life that can cause us to feel anxiety. Good changes: marriage, the birth of a child, a new job. Then there are the negative changes, the ones we didn’t ask for and don’t really want: divorce, the loss of a loved one, a change that’s brought on by external factors that negatively impact us. Either way, the change can cause us to feel uneasy.

Let yourself try something new.

Let yourself try something new.

We have to be resilient. We have to be able to deal with whatever happens, give ourselves time to adjust, and then bounce back.

Even when a change is positive, it can cause us to feel uncertain and off balance. Even when know it’s for the best, it still might take a little time to adjust.

It’s no fun to feel anxious, and doing something new can make you feel nervous and uncertain. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a good try.

Don’t hold yourself back because you feel uneasy about doing something new. Don’t sabotage yourself before you even begin.

“I’m not good at that,” I heard a woman tell her friend the other day. I was sitting at a coffee shop, trying to mind my own business, and two women were having a very loud chat.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re good at it,” one woman was telling her friend, “the point is to just do it.” She was trying to convince her friend to run in a race with her, and her friend didn’t think she was good enough.


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“I’ll be the last one to finish,” she said, and laughed.

And, that’s when her friend said it. I almost wanted to get up a give her a hug.

“It doesn’t matter if you finish last,” she said, “You’ll finish, and that’s really all that counts. Think of all the people who are too scared to even try.”

Such wonderful advice.

Sometimes we have to remember it doesn’t matter how fast we run, what place we come in, or how we look compared to other people. We’re all running our own races, everyday. Just starting something, doing our best at our own pace, whatever that may be, is good enough. If it causes you to feel nervous and anxious, push through it.

You can’t win if you don’t play. You can’t finish if you don’t start. You’ll never know how something might turn out if you don’t begin.

Don’t hold yourself back because you’re afraid to fail. Don’t let the uncomfortable feelings that can come with doing something new prevent you from starting something you might be good at and enjoy.

What a shame that would be.

Each of us has goals, dreams, things we want to accomplish. Follow your dreams, whatever they are, and don’t worry about the outcome. You might succeed, or you might not, but don’t let that stop you from trying. What I know for sure, is that you can’t succeed if you don’t ever try. I’d rather try something and fail at it instead of always wondering what the outcome might have been.

Work through the growing pains, get to the other side, and regardless of the outcome, give yourself the credit you deserve for being brave enough to try.

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