Wisdom on Life, Loss, and Love

For most of my adult life, I’ve had a ziplock bag containing letters I received, from the first time I went to sleep-away camp until I graduated from college. The letters were from my parents and my grandparents, but mostly from my mom and two grandmothers. I learned many lessons from these strong women, who have each passed away. Many times over the past years I’ve longed to talk with them and hear what they think about the life I have created for myself. Living in a world without them has been among the greatest challenges of my adult life.

Though I knew where this bag was, I didn’t have the courage to open it and reread the letters. I was fearful that reading them would bring back the grief I had worked so hard to overcome.

Because of an unexpected occurrence, I finally opened the bag. I was shocked by what happened next. Rereading the letters, after so many years, brought me unanticipated peace, love, and a renewed connection to my mom and grandmothers. I gave myself permission to let go of the sadness I’d been holding onto since their deaths, and the experience transformed my life. They brought back beautiful family memories and taught her many life lessons; they caused her to reflect on the priceless love between mothers and daughters and how wisdom and traditions can be passed on from one generation to the next.

Dara’s story inspires us to strengthen the bonds between mothers and daughters, to remember family traditions, to let go of the pain of loss, and to make the most of each day of our lives.

50 Tips and Takeaways to help those diagnosed and the people who love them

In this personal account of her cancer journey, Dara Kurtz talks candidly about being diagnosed, telling her friends and family she has cancer, going through treatments and learning to be a survivor. Each chapter provides insight and inspiration for patients, survivors and loved ones who have been affected by this scary, unpredictable disease.

Not only did Dara survive cancer, she ultimately thrived, and with her tips and guidance, you can too. If you, or someone you love, have been diagnosed with cancer, this book is for you.


“This is the book I needed when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Everyone kept sending me flowers. I didn’t need flowers. I needed guidance. I needed inspiration. I needed someone to tell me how to get through the hardest experience of my life. That’s what this book provides.” ~ Dara

Includes 100 Journal Exercises

Whether you are currently dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment or have been a survivor for years, you likely have some unresolved issues regarding this unwelcome chapter in your life.

If reading the inspirational book, Crush Cancer: Personal Enlightenment From A Cancer Survivor by Dara Kurtz, has you wanting more, the 100 exercises in this companion workbook will help you face your fears about having cancer, find ways to manage your anxiety, guilt and anger, and learn to ultimately appreciate the lessons this difficult experience can teach you.

Are you ready to crush cancer? Let’s get started!