10 Inspirational Sayings By Disney Princesses

There’s magic in Disney, and nothing is more enchanting than a Disney princess.

They’re beautiful, alluring, captivating, and also wise. Yes, you heard me, wise. They say smart things, not just for kids, but inspirational quotes adults should pay attention to.

Here are 10 of my favorite Disney Princess sayings to help put a little magic into your day:

“You don’t really need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely.”


What she meant: You don’t need someone to make you better or turn you into something they think you “should” be. Instead, you need people in your life who love and accept you for who you are. People who aren’t trying to change you or make you into some else. Surround yourself with people who think you’re amazing, just the way you are, and ditch people who don’t respect or accept you.

“Remember, you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”

-Snow White

What she meant: You have the ability to spread positivity to those around you and make the world a happier, better place. Treat people with kindness. Be nice. When you interact with other people, make your interactions a positive experience for the other person. That doesn’t mean you have to agree with everything they’re saying or do everything they want you to do. Just talk to people nicely, treat other people the way you want to be treated, and spread positive energy. Be a ray of sunshine, not a dark cloud.

“It’s not until you lose everything that you can truly appreciate everything.”


What she meant: Live with gratitude. Sometimes we take things in our life for granted and we don’t appreciate how good we have it, until we lose what we had. Sadly, this is human nature. If you can learn to appreciate the blessings you have in your life, and see them for what they truly are, you will be happier. Living with gratitude and having a deep appreciation for the blessings in your life will add a layer of joy to your life you never knew you could experience.

Inspirational sayings from Disney Princesses

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“If you walk the footsteps of a stranger, you’ll learn things you never knew you never knew.”


What she meant: We can learn from other people and new experiences. It’s how we grow. Meeting new people and doing new things can be stimulating and exciting. There’s a whole world out there, full of wonderful people and exciting places to discover for yourself. Don’t hold yourself back. Go out there and explore.

“The only way to get what you want in the world is through hard work.”


What she meant: You have to be willing to work hard for what you want. If you have big dreams, no one is going to accomplish them for you. You have to do the work, put in the time, and focus on your goal. Nothing can take the place of hard work. Each and everyday. Here’s a secret I figured out: if you’re working on something you love doing, it won’t feel like hard work. It will feed your soul and bring you joy. Find something you’re passionate about, keep plugging away, and don’t give up when things don’t go exactly the way you want them to go.

“If you keep on believing the dreams that you wish will come true.”


What she meant: Don’t give up on your dreams. Ever. Whatever you want, whatever you believe in, whatever your situation is, don’t ever give up on your dreams. Sometimes, other people can say things that derail us and cause us to question our dreams. Don’t listen to those people. You have to figure out what you want to do in your life, and then go after it. Make sure you follow your dreams, not the dreams someone else has for you.

“You’re never too old to be young.”

-Snow White

What she meant: Attitude is everything. Your actual age doesn’t matter as much as how you view your actual age. If you think you’re old, then you will be. If you think you’re young at heart, regardless of your actual age, it will directly impact the way you live. I’ve met eighty year old people who live and act like they’re young, and you can tell how much fun they’re having. I’ve also known forty year old people who act like they’re ninety. Age is an attitude. The older I get, the more I remind myself of this.

“You’re at peace because you know it’s okay to be afraid.”


What she meant: It’s okay to be nervous and afraid. Sometimes we try hard to prevent ourselves from feeling this way because it’s uncomfortable. Here’s the thing: growing pains can feel unpleasant. Change can be nerve wracking. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just means we’re adapting. You have to be flexible and understand there are going to be times in your life when you feel scared. Look at the big picture and understand this is just part of life.

“When the world says “give up” hope whispers “try one more time.”


What she meant: Hold on to hope. Never give up, regardless of what someone tells you. Miracles happen every day. Believe. Hold on to faith and trust in the universe. Keep on keeping on. Build yourself up, be your own cheerleader, and don’t listen to those around you who tell you “no” or say you “can’t.” It’s call faith, perseverance, and determination. If you think you can, you will. If you think you can’t, you won’t. It’s your choice.

I hope this added a little magic to your day!

Find meaning each day,


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