Words From Teen After Synagogue Shooting

I don’t talk a lot about politics or world events here.

I’m not an expert about any of that, and I don’t pretend to be. Crazy Perfect Life is about being the best version of ourselves. It’s about being who we are, accepting ourselves, flaws and all, and finding meaning each day of our lives. I try to inspire you, maybe give you a different way to think about your own life and help you grow.

We can all learn from these words.

As you know, I’m a Mom to two teenage daughters, and at times, I share what’s going on in their lives.The recent shooting has been a source of deep sorrow for many of us. It is hard to understand why these types of events happen, and even harder to process.

This is especially challenging for children, my kids included.

After reading the following beautiful words, written by my sixteen-year-old daughter, Avi, I wanted to share them with you. I know enough to be able to recognize pure beauty and wisdom, which is exactly what these words are.

They were written by Avi, on the way home from attending a Monday evening vigil for the victims of the recent Synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh.

These words are written from her heart, and haven’t been altered,  modified, or rewritten by me. She wrote them in the car, on the way home from the vigil, as a way to release what she was feeling.

I share them with you, because I think they are valuable and we can all learn something from what she says.

Here they are:

This right here is the world I want to live in. This right here is an America I’m proud to be a part of. Tonight easily a thousand people came together of all faiths, colors, genders, and backgrounds showing their support not only for the Jewish people but for their stand against hate, bigotry, anti semitism, and inequality. This right here is what brought me to tears tonight. One monster was capable of taking the lives of 11 different human beings whose lives were not nearly done being lived.

This violence and hate is overcoming America and it is only growing stronger. It is not about whether you are a democrat, republican, independent, Jew, Muslim, Christian, conservative, liberal, person of color, white, Mexican, American, or immigrant. It is about human to human relationships. Person to person. We are all just people that deserve to be treated equally. The media and politics are tearing us apart.

As Elie Wiesel said,”Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” We have to stand up now more than ever for what is right and it starts by how you approach your daily life and interactions with others. This violent killing of human beings by ignorant monsters deserves no place here.

I hope you take a moment to think about these beautiful words. As she says, “We are all people that deserve to be treated equally.” Let us each do our part, each day of our lives, to help elevate the world. Everyone deserves to feels safe and secure.

Much love,




  1. Miriam Hirsch on November 1, 2018 at 6:20 am

    Powerful words! Thank you Avi for summarizing, in just a few paragraphs, what can be done to make the world a better place. I hope people are listening.

    • Dara Kurtz on November 5, 2018 at 6:44 pm

      Yes, I hope people are listening! Much love to you!

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