Take A Summer Vacation

Are you giving yourself permission to have a little downtime this summer?

Maybe, you’re off on a vacation overseas, exploring far away lands and getting lost in distant places. Perhaps, a lazy beach trip is more your style, walking on the beach and putting your feet in the sand. You might even decide to stay at home, take some time off and get things done around your home.

If money is an issue, and you’re feeling a little tight in your wallet, not to worry. There are lots of fun things to do at home. It might take a little creativity, but there are many inexpensive ways for you to enjoy a little downtime. And, that’s really the whole point… getting a break from work, from your daily routine, and relaxing.

Whatever you do this summer, slow down, get outside of your normal routine and take a break.

Spend time with the people you love.





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Take a vacation or stay-cation, and make sure you chill a little bit. Some people have a hard time relaxing, even when they’re on vacation. They find it difficult to unwind and slow down. It’s hard for them to unplug or be away from their office.

Someone might need them.

Something might happen.

If this sounds familiar, you aren’t alone. You might not want to hear it, but more than likely, your office can survive quite well without you for a few days.

Go on vacation!

Go on vacation!

Nothing is going to happen if you allow yourself a few days of relaxation.

You owe it to yourself.

In fact, once you give yourself permission to relax, I have a feeling you’re going to like it.

Some people feel it’s too much work to get away from the office. Trying to finish projects can be stressful and difficult, not to mention the time it can take getting caught up once you’re back at work.

Here’s the thing: it might be a little extra work to get everything sorted out, but it’s worth it. You’re worth it. Don’t deny yourself the opportunity to take a vacation because you don’t want to deal with the details or think there isn’t time in your schedule.

Let yourself relax and give yourself permission to enjoy even a few days off.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do? What are you waiting for? Go do it. Explore new things, even if it scares you. When we push ourselves to try something new, we allow ourselves the opportunity to grow. You just never know what new activity is waiting for you to discover. We’re never too old to find new hobbies or try new experiences. It makes life interesting and exciting.

Even if you aren’t going out of town, taking time off from your normal routine is important. Stepping away from your normal day to day routine will give you a new perspective.

You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed, and hopefully, ready to dive back into your life when you return. You might even see things clearer, have solutions to challenges you couldn’t figure out, and have a new view of your beautiful life. I relish the opportunity to step out of my normal routine, and I’m usually amazed at how much my perspective can change, even with just a few days away. I always make sure I carry a journal with me, and love the opportunity to reflect on my life when I’m in a different environment.

What are you waiting for? Schedule some down time before the summer passes you by. 

Find meaning each day,


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