Put Your Cell Phone Away And Talk To Your Family

Put your cell phone away and talk to your family.


Have you ever looked around a restaurant and noticed people sitting at a table ignoring the people in front of them? Instead of talking to the people at their table, they’re focusing on their cell phones? Whenever I see this, I want to scream, “Talk to the people in front of you. Live in the present moment.”

Guess what? The other night, this was my family.

We were at a restaurant, sitting at our table, and all four of us had our cell phones out and we were each texting other people. It happened so innocently, I didn’t even notice it until twenty minutes had passed.

That’s when it hit me.

Put your phone away and live in the present moment.

Put your phone away and live in the present moment.

My daughters were snap chatting with their friends and taking selfies, Jon was emailing a client, and truth be told, I was doing some Crazy Perfect Life social media stuff.

“Everyone, put your cell phone away,” I said after I realized we weren’t talking to one another.

No one responded. I’m not sure anyone even heard me. My family was so zoned out on whatever they had going on, they weren’t even paying attention to me.

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“Hey,” I said again, “Let’s put our phones away. I want to talk to you.”

This isn’t anything my family hasn’t heard from me before. It bothers me when we aren’t living in the present moment. It frustrates me when we zone out on our phones and don’t talk to the people right in front of us. I don’t want us to spend our family time on technology. I want us to talk to one another.

Finally, after a few minutes, the phones were put away and we started enjoying dinner together.

If you have this situation, I encourage you to ditch your cell phone and focus on the people who are directly in front of you. Enjoy your family. Talk to each other. Be present.

Ideally, everyone in my family would come to the dinner table alone…without their cell phone. Sadly, that doesn’t seem to happen all the time. We’ve each grown addicted to our cell phone and treat it like an appendage. We feel naked when we don’t have our phone. But, it’s always a good idea to unplug, step away from technology, leave it for a little bit and take a break.

I always love it when I live off the grid: ditch my phone for a day every now and then and even leave it at home when I go out. It’s freeing. It’s relaxing. It’s also something I can only do every now and then. Hey, I’m human.

Find meaning each day,


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