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Magic Of Disney

When I started my car yesterday, a Disney song was playing. I’m all for the magic of Disney, but why was Disney in my car?

At first, I thought I had accidentally put on Satellite Disney, but when I read the screen, it said another channel that wouldn’t be playing a Disney song. I was confused, but trying to actually look at the road instead of changing channels.

Safety first, people.

I got to the grocery store before I had a chance to figure this out. After I completed my shopping and got back into the car, what do you think I heard when I turned on the car? You guessed it. Another Disney song.

Clearly this wasn’t coming from the radio.

I was sitting at a traffic light, thinking about everything I still had to do, when it became obvious that I was listening to a CD in my car. Here’s the thing: I can’t remember the last time I listened to a CD in my car. I’m sure it’s been years. I didn’t even know I still had CD’s in my car.

After a few more songs, it occurred to me.

Maybe we all just need a little Disney magic in our lives?

Maybe we all just need a little Disney magic in our lives?

This was the CD I purchased on a Disney cruise, when Zoe was three years old. Almost thirteen years ago. I was perplexed.

How did that CD get into my car?

As I was contemplating if one of the kids had played a trick on me, I started to feel sad. Because I miss the little girl who loved Disney princesses and who liked to listen to Disney music. While feeling melancholy, I couldn’t help but start to sing. Disney tunes are super fun to jam to. Plus, I was alone in my car. Before I knew it, my mood had turned upside down. I was singing with all my favorite characters, and couldn’t help visualize myself wearing a princess gown. I think I would go with Snow White. She’s always been my favorite.

I still don’t know how that music got into my car, but I’m not complaining. If you happen to see me driving around town, I’ll be the one moving to the beat of a princess.

Maybe we all just need a little more Disney in our lives?

Find meaning each day,


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