Hit The Reset Button

What started out as a relaxing Sunday morning, soon took a turn for the worst. Avi got a nasty bite from our dachshund, and Zoe started freaking out about her exams this week. Nothing major, but it happened all at once. I wanted to go back to relaxing. I needed to hit the reset button.

A friend of mine always tells me, “You’re only as happy as your most unhappy child.” Today I absolutely understood what she means by this statement. I was in a great mood, having a great day, until THEY weren’t. I could feel the negative energy in our house, feel the stress and tension, and it was putting me in a bad mood. Avi was upset about her bite, and Zoe was stressed about her exams.

We dealt with Avi’s bite, and she was fine. I can’t study for Zoe, she has to do it for herself. There wasn’t anything I could do for my kids.

I wanted to get back to that relaxing Sunday morning. I knew what I needed to do.

I had to get out of the house.

I felt the sunshine calling my name. I needed to hit the reset button.

I felt the sunshine calling my name. I needed to hit the reset button.

It was a beautiful day outside, and I felt it calling me. The sun was out, smiling down on me, begging me to come and bask in it’s warmth. And so I did.

“I’m going for a walk,” I announced to everyone. “Anyone who wants to come, is invited, but I have to get out of this house.”

And I did.

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Fast forward an hour, several miles, and beautiful weather. I was a different person.

Entering the house, I felt positive energy again. I checked in on Zoe who was still studying, and seemed to be calmer.

“I figure it out Mom, ” she said.

She was talking about some horrible chemistry problem that I couldn’t even begin to explain.

“I knew you would,” I told her. I looked around the house. Everything and everyone was calmer, including me. I was happy to be back.

All I needed was a change of scenery, a different perspective, and some sunshine. Remember this, when you feel surrounded by grumpy people. Take a break, remove yourself for a bit, and hit the reset button.

I promise, it will work. Every time.

Find meaning each day,


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