Crazy Perfect Life At Home

I’m excited to share this with you. SO EXCITED!

It’s been almost a year since I started Crazy Perfect Life. When I started CPL, I never knew it would take off like it has. We have a community on many social media platforms, almost 80,000 people on Facebook, and that number grows everyday. It’s amazing. I love hearing from you, sharing your lives, and taking this journey with you.

That’s why I’m especially proud to tell you about Crazy Perfect Life at Home: a line of notepads, cards, and signs for you to share the positive and inspirational Crazy Perfect Life message with the people you care about. Many of you have asked me to put my quotes and messages on things for you to enjoy at home, and it’s finally here.

Everyone deserves to have a little Crazy Perfect Life around their home, and I hope you will.

Here’s what we have:


These aren’t just any notepads, each comes with a Crazy Perfect quote to add some fun to your day. Printed on heavy paper, each pad is 75 pages. These make fabulous hostess gifts, teacher gifts, birthday gifts, and Mother’s Day presents. Because I want you to have some for yourself, use the COUPON CODE: FREENOTEPAD to buy 3 and get a 4th for free. Everyone needs paper to write on, you might as well do it on inspirational paper!

There are 9 different designs.


There are 2 types of cards: Quote Cards which come in a pack of 10, and Specialty Cards.

The quote cards are meant for you to keep at home, and then pull one out when you’re thinking about someone. A pack of cards would also make a great gift. Written from my heart, I’ve done the work for you. Each pack has 10 different cards and envelopes.  They’re already flying off the shelves, and this makes me really happy. That means lots of people are going to get some CPL optimism, and I love that!

The specialty cards are for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Graduation, and a special card for you to give to a son or daughter. I know you’re going to be giving the people you love these cards, so please buy them from me!


So many people have told me they want to be able to frame my quotes and hang them on the wall or keep the message by their bedside table. These 8X10 signs allow you to do just that. They make perfect gifts, so be sure to stock up. They would be good for any age: teen, high school graduation gift, or friend wanting a little inspiration. They come with a cardboard backing ready for you to slip into a frame.

There are 11 designs.

I hope you’re as excited about this as I am. We all give gifts regularly, and I hope you’ll remember Crazy Perfect Life at Home when you make your purchases for Mother’s Day, graduation, teacher gifts, and your normal presents to your friends and family.

Check out Crazy Perfect Life At Home Here:

As always, thank you for your support, love, and for sharing this journey with me. I made this for each of you, from my heart. I truly believe you are what you think about. Thinking positive thoughts can have a profound impact on your life each and every day.

Enjoy this at home, share with your friends and loved ones, and keep inspirational, optimistic and positive thoughts always top of mind.

Find meaning each day,