Take the Compliment Challenge

Compliments are one of those things that are free to give and feel great to receive.

I’ve learned there are two types of people when it comes to dishing out compliments: people who frequently gush over others with kind words and people who don’t. I tend to want to be around those who look for the good in others, find something positive to say and who are sincerely honest about it.

Not only does it feel good to be the recipient of a compliment, it feels great to say something nice to another person. Both the giver and the recipient of a compliment benefit. The power of our words is significant. You can tear someone down with hurtful words or you can build someone up.

I decided it would be interesting to conduct a little experiment.

Just for fun, I called it The Compliment Challenge. 

I took one day, and every time I came into contact with someone, I gave them a compliment. Anyone and everyone. The only rule I had was the compliment given had to be real and authentic. I had to mean what I was saying. I wasn’t interested in dishing out a bunch of insincere, false words. Of course, no-one knew I was conducting this little experiment. It was my secret. Until now.

Don’t hold back on giving compliments!

Here’s what I learned:

1. There’s always something nice you can say to someone else. It isn’t hard to find something you like about almost everyone you come into contact with.

2. The pleasure I noticed my compliment gave the recipient was obvious and almost immediate. I could tell it made them feel good about themselves.

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3. My interactions with other people became more pleasant, and our conversations got deeper. The recipient usually opened up to me, allowing for some interesting conversations.

4. It made me feel good to say positive words to other people. I felt more joyful and happy and I carried this with me throughout the day.

5. Positive energy was flowing all around me. I was in a great mood and had an amazing day. Not only did I have more positive interactions with other people, I was more productive and got a lot done. The extra time I spent talking with other people didn’t slow me down, but rather, made me more productive.

If you’re someone who tends to be a little stingy with your compliments, ask yourself why. Maybe, when you grew up, you weren’t surrounded by people who often made you feel good about yourself. Perhaps, you aren’t used to getting compliments and because of this, aren’t inclined to give them. Or, maybe you haven’t thought about it.

Until now. I encourage you to take the compliment challenge!

Take one day and shower people with kind words. It really will make a difference in your day and to the people you come in contact with. It will bring a smile to your face, to those you’re interacting with and help you have a great day.

It’s especially important to shower your children with kind words. Let them know how proud of them you are and what qualities you admire most in them. Don’t hold back on saying nice words to everyone you love. Allow yourself to feel vulnerable, and go out of your way to say positive words that are sincere and meaningful.

Don’t expect other people to just know how you feel.

Instead, make a conscious effort to say it.

Think how amazing the world would be if everyone took the time to take The Compliment Challenge.

Find meaning each day,


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