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Buyers Remorse

Have you ever bought something, been happy with it, and then learned of a similar but different product you didn’t know existed when you made your original purchase? Something you realized you actually liked better and probably would have picked out, if you’d known about it in the first place?

By then, of course, it’s too late. You’ve used the item. It’s yours, for keeps, and you can’t take it back.

This unfortunate experience, known as buyers remorse, can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter what the item is. Recently, I found myself questioning an expensive purchase I made. One I was happy with, until I saw something I liked better.

I purchased something, loved it, and then saw what I perceived to be a better version of the item I bought. This caused me to second guess my decision. I was happy with what I had. Until I wasn’t.

When I learned of this “better” version,  my joy diminished, and was replaced with uneasiness. Had I made a mistake? How could I have missed knowing about the other option?

Buyers remorse; it's not fun to second guess yourself.

Buyers remorse; it’s not fun to second guess yourself.

“There’s always something else out there,” Jon said to me, as I was discussing my First World problems with him. “You have to be happy with what you have, and not second guess yourself.” I knew he was right, but it was hard. I was obsessing about what I’d bought, and wishing I could have a “do over.”

“Plus, it’s a moot point,” Jon continued, “It’s over. Why are you even thinking about this?”

Hmm, that was a good point. Why was I wasting time thinking about this? BECAUSE I’M NORMAL. It’s not that I wasn’t appreciative for what I had, it’s just that I felt uneasy about my decision. We all make choices and second guess ourselves. It happens everyday.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized I needed to make peace with my purchase, and move on. Put it behind me. Be grateful for what I have, and not think about what I might be missing. When I thought I’d made a great selection, I was content. When I started second guessing myself, I became unhappy. I was stealing my joy. I didn’t have anyone to blame for this, but myself. Self inflicted pain. What a complete and useless waste of time and energy.


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It has to do with gratitude. Having a deep appreciation for what you have, counting your blessings, and being happy and content. It’s an important lesson for all of us, especially in our “everything can be replaced” society. We have to be comfortable with the decisions we make, trust ourselves, and not spend time second guessing ourselves.

There will always be something new, but that truly doesn’t mean it’s better.

Be thankful for what you have. Period.

Find meaning each day,


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