Back To School

It’s been four weeks since my kids have gone back to school.

Many of you have sent me an email, or messaged me on Facebook, asking about the post I wrote called, School’s Starting: A Letter To My Kids. 

I thought I’d bring you up to date on where we are now. By the way, I absolutely love hearing from you, so please continue to send me messages!

Here’s a follow up to that post:

  1. My kids can’t seem to deposit their belongings anywhere in the house except the kitchen or den. They’re so exhausted from the day, they just don’t have the strength to do anything with their stuff but dump everything on the floor. It seems school depletes them of the stamina needed to carry a bag to their rooms. If I ask them to move their things, they respond like I’ve asked them to hike the Appalachian trail. I don’t see this changing, and I’m choosing my battles.
  2. Thank goodness my children are smart enough to only sign me up for items I can purchase at the nearby grocery store. They’ve learned the hard way.
  3. I stay completely out of their daily homework and test schedules. This is better for all of us. Plus, Zoe’s course assignments exceed my knowledge. When I did offer to help her with her geometry, she responded by saying, “Really, Mom. You got a “D” in geometry when you took it.” She’s right, and I’m thrilled. That got me out of having to help her with any math this year. I win.
  4. They got through their summer reading books without having to watch the movies. It was painful, but honest.
  5. Packing lunch is a huge inconvenience, but for the most part, at least they eat it. Avi has come home with her lunch box full of food as few times. “I just wasn’t hungry,” she said. I was forced to toss the organic turkey and strawberries I bought from Whole Foods, and lectured her on the value of a dollar.
  6. Their rooms look like a tornado spun through them, knocking everything off of hangers and leaving clothes all over the floor. Particularly Zoe’s room. Last night, I counted seven glasses and four drink cans in her room. It’s disgusting. I try very hard to stay out of her room, because I’m sure it’s bad for my health. When I go in to say “goodnight,” I take my contacts out so I can’t really see how bad it looks. About once a week, I get completely grossed out, and force her to clean it. Avi’s room is much better, but then, we’re comparing it to Zoe’s room. Unless a crime takes place in her room, it’s always going to look clean to us.
  7. Nothing’s been left at home yet, and I haven’t received any phone calls asking me to bring them something they “forgot but MUST have.” A few times I’ve pulled over while driving out of the school parking lot, “just to make sure” a needed book is in the car. So far so good.
  8. Avi insists on texting me the exact moment she comes out of school, and usually I’m on my way to pick her up. I just ignore it. She doesn’t seem to appreciate my laid back approach to picking her up each day. I’m teaching her patience, and she should thank me.

We’ve survived the first month. I still can’t seem to get myself dressed in time to drive them to school, and am almost always wearing my PJ’s, but hey, there’s usually a smile on my face.

It’s all good here, and I hope, for you as well.

Find meaning each day,



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  • This post is hilarious! I can see you doing it as a stand-up routine (or cool speaking engagement) some day. 😉