You Shouldn’t Go To Bed Angry

They say you shouldn’t go to bed angry. If you’re in a fight with someone, you should make up before going to sleep. I guess the reasoning is that if you happen to die in your sleep, you don’t want the person to be angry with you. You don’t want the person’s last memory of you to be negative.

The other night, Jon and I went to bed angry. Oops.

We don’t bicker very often. In fact, I can’t remember the last time we had a “fight.” Usually, we can stop a disagreement from escalating and shut it down before any damage is done. Sadly, not the other night. We’re usually smarter than this. Who wants to waste time and energy arguing over silly little things? Not this girl.

Sometimes, unfortunately, a disagreement can’t be avoided.

It was late, we were both tired, and an issue came up that soon escalated. I won’t bore you here with the details of our little spat. It’s irrelevant. Plus, Jon absolutely HATES when I write anything about him. Which, I’m actually doing right now. I’ll show some restraint, keep my marriage, and won’t share the silly details.

You shouldn't go to bed angry. Oops.

You shouldn’t go to bed angry. Oops.

It really doesn’t matter what they are. Every couple has certain “hot topics” that set them off, and we’re no different. There are certain topics, that I know every now and then, are going to cause us to have a heated debate. Our heated debate the other night didn’t resolve itself, and instead of maturely talking it through, we just went to bed.

I got into bed first, and refused to speak. I could feel him get into bed next to me, and could hear him stir, but I kept my back to him. Neither of us was willing to turn around and snuggle.

We were two stubborn people, tired from the day, and each strong willed enough to refuse to simply roll over and say “I’m sorry.” How silly is that? Neither of us softened enough to just give in and apologize. We both absolutely “knew” we were right.

Of course, in the morning, when we were both rested and level headed, our little spat was easily resolved. We were able to talk it through, make up, and move on. Whoever said “marriage is easy,” is a LIAR.

We all argue. It’s part of being in a relationship. And while it’s better to make up before you go to bed, sometimes you don’t. And it’s OK. No one is perfect.

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