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The Secret To Old Age

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a secret to old age? A secret to making it past the age of ninety and getting to live a long and healthy life?

At a restaurant recently, and older woman walked in with her friend. When she entered the small restaurant, she started waving and saying “hi” to everyone inside. It wasn’t a big restaurant, and there were only a handful of people eating.

“She knows everyone,” her friend said, “She’s lived here for 95 years. I guess you do tend to know everyone when you’ve lived for that long.” We didn’t know her, but she said “hi” to us anyway.

“She’s 95 years old?” I asked her friend. They were both friendly and kind, and you could tell they were enjoying the day. They were smiling and giggling and were full of happiness and joy. I was drawn to them.

“Yes,” her friend said, “Actually, are you 95 or 96?” she asked, turning to the older woman.

“I’m 96,” she said with a smile on her face, “Don’t cheat me a year.”

Do you know the secret to old age?

Do you know the secret to old age?

She looked amazing, and seemed to have it all together. She was having a little trouble with her hearing, but all other systems appeared to be working at full capacity.

“What’s the secret to living to be 96?” I asked her.


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I couldn’t help myself. It was right in the palm of my hand. I wanted to hear with she had to say. I always ask this question when I meet people who are in their eighties or older. I consider them heroes of a certain kind. I’m curious to see if they have a magic secret they’ll share with me. So far, I haven’t uncovered the formula.

Her friend answered for her. She said she doesn’t watch what she eats, does whatever she wants, and doesn’t do any hard exercise.

The older woman mentioned having a garden, and I imagine she’s always eaten cleanly: real food from her garden, not laced with chemicals that are too hard to even pronounce. Even though she’s always eaten what she wants, it’s probably been healthy and real. Not the packaged processed “food” that’s sadly sold today.

“She’s always worked hard, walks a lot, and spends a lot of time with her family and friends,” her friend continued.

She was slender but sturdy, and had peace written all over she face.

The waitress served us our food, and we stopped talking.

As we got up to leave, we walked past them, and waved.

“I’m glad I met you,” I said to them.

That’s when the older woman turned and whispered to me, “Have a lot of fun with your life. That’s what you have to do.”

I couldn’t agree more. None of us knows what the future holds for us, but I’m committed to having a darn fun time, each and every day.

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