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Rent The Runway

Ladies, I have a pretty great tip, so listen up! And to all my men readers, you might want to share this with your significant other. I’m going to tell you how to Rent the Runway.

It will save you money, and who doesn’t like that? Last weekend I needed some fancy dresses. Actually, three to be specific. And my daughter, Zoe, needed three as well. That’s a total of six dresses. That’s a lot of dresses. Jon could see dollar signs when I told him what we needed.

Now, if you’ve purchased one fancy dress, you know that buying six would add up. Quickly. Plus, and here’s the important part, I only wanted to wear these dresses last weekend. I didn’t need these dresses. I didn’t want to keep the dresses. And, if you know anything about finances, it’s not ideal to spend money on dresses you don’t ever want to wear again.

That’s where this great tip comes into play. Are you paying attention? Here’s the GOOD part… A friend told me about Rent the Runway. It’s a website that allows you to actually go online, rent dresses you like, and have them shipped directly to your house. You can choose to get just one size of the dress, or pay more to get two sizes.

I looked cute and saved money.

Since we each needed three dresses, and I didn’t know how certain designer dresses would fit, I actually ended up ordering twelve dresses. I knew I was saving a lot of money, renting instead of purchasing, and I didn’t want to take a chance and need a different size.

The dresses came directly to our house in a huge box. Zoe and I had a great time trying on dresses, and later that evening, we did a fashion show for Jon and Avi.

What girl wouldn’t like getting a box of dresses in the mail?

This experience was wonderful, and I definitely plan on using it again. Especially for my girls, who will need Homecoming and Prom dresses in the future. They have other items, such as casual clothing, pocketbooks, and accessories, but I don’t have experience renting these items.

To return the dresses, I just bagged them up in the pouches provided, and took them to the UPS store. The return labels were already on the pouches, and the postage was already paid.

Simple and easy. Just the way I like things to go. More importantly, we looked adorable in each of the dresses we wore and got tons of compliments. Jon was thrilled about the money we saved. I’d rather spend my clothing budget on cute Fall clothes, instead of dresses I only want to wear once.

I love this, and you will too.

Find meaning each day,