No Ashley Madison Here

I think there’s a little man who lives inside my computer. I think this because every time I google anything, it seems to show up the next time I’m on my computer. From shoes, pocketbooks, to dog food, (and yes, these are the items I seem to google lately) it just doesn’t matter what it is! Darn if the items I google don’t show up again on my Facebook feed, in advertisements, or the sidebar on my screen. EVERYWHERE.

I think the little man inside my computer is taking notes on everything I do online, and sharing these notes with the universe. It’s OK, though, because I’m just guilty of doing some retail surfing. Nothing else. No Ashley Madison here. Although, I think things are just getting started with THAT. I’m pretty sure, eventually, the whole list will come out. Because there are little men inside all of our computers, and they don’t keep secrets very well.

There's a little man inside my computer who knows all my secrets.

There’s a little man inside my computer who knows all my secrets.

We think we’re in the privacy of our own homes, using our laptops, and surfing the net without anyone knowing our guilty pleasures. But, it’s kind of scary how quickly the little man shares what he’s learned. Talk about being efficient. It’s impressive how quickly I see the items I’ve looked up show up as advertisements on my computer. It’s like the little man WANTS me to buy the shoes I’ve been considering, the pocketbook I’ve been checking out, the dog food I’d rather order than have to drive to the store and purchase. Which by the way, I recognize isn’t very environmentally friendly of me.

I wonder if the little man inside my computer is friends with the little man inside your computer? Maybe they have playdates? At the very least, they have gossip sessions.

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