Be A Joy Seeker

Be a joy seeker.

Be someone who looks at each day as an opportunity to create and live your best life.



In this season.

Don’t hold back. Don’t wait. Instead, grasp life with both hands and insist on living the way you truly want to live. Don’t let anyone stop you or shut you down, convince you that whatever you want to do won’t work or tell you your dreams don’t matter.

A joy seeker is someone who is positive and up lifting. A person who wants to live life to the fullest. That doesn’t mean joy seekers don’t face hard times or difficult challenges. They have struggles and problems, just as everyone does.

Be a joy seeker

But, they choose to make every day count. They decide to do the best they can with the hand that’s been put in front of them.

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They don’t dwell on what isn’t working or what they don’t like about their current situation. They don’t give in to life’s little annoyances or chase drama.

Instead, they move forward. One day at a time, one step at a time.

Joy seekers see the glass half full instead of half empty.

They go after happiness and don’t give in when life gets hard. They surround themselves with positive people who make them feel good. Who lift them up instead of bringing them down.

A joy seeker understands that every day isn’t going to bring them happiness. Every moment isn’t going to be positive.

They know this but they find magical moments, even when life feels hard. Because, they are joy seekers. Even when it isn’t easy. Especially, when it isn’t easy.

I’m going to tell you a secret. Are you listening? This is important. Your happiness has less to do with what happens to you and more to do with what you think about what life tosses your way. Your opinion really matters. What you think about your circumstances and how you view your life will directly impact your happiness.

Perception is reality.

If you think your life sucks and nothing is going your way, you’re right. If you view life as hard and impossible, you’re right. Whatever you think, you’ll be right.

I wasn’t always a joy seeker.

I didn’t always shine my light. It was something I learned, the hard way. Sometimes, I think the Universe sends us challenging times to teach us lessons. It’s what we do with the lessons that can transform us or push us backwards. Have you been through a hard time? Faced a challenging situation? Felt so low you didn’t think you would ever survive?

If you’re currently going through this now, consider this a gentle reminder to push yourself forward.

Don’t give up. You are strong. You have greatness inside of you.

Maybe, you just needed to hear it.

Decide right now to live the rest of your life being positive. Intentionally make that choice. Right now.

Be a joy seeker.

Look for ways to make your life better, even in challenging situations.

Go after the joy you deserve. It’s there for your taking.

Find meaning each day,



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