A Dream Job

We’ve all had jobs we didn’t love, and maybe didn’t even like. Especially our first jobs. But, who said a first job has to be a dream job?

Having had many jobs, I appreciate good customer service. A lot. It doesn’t matter where I am: at an expensive store or fast food restaurant. I notice the customer service I’m receiving. I’ve gotten amazing service ordering a five dollar meal before, and received horrible service buying ridiculously expense shoes.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all received excellent customer service wherever we went?

Before graduating from college, I had many different jobs, and this is where I learned the importance of customer service.

Who said a first job should be a dream job? It's not like living in a castle...it's a job.

Who said a first job should be a dream job? It’s not like living in a castle…it’s a job.

I worked in a large department store, scooped ice-cream, volunteered as a candy striper at a hospital, and was a bank teller. My parents encouraged me to expose myself to a variety of work environments. They hoped I would figure out where I felt most comfortable and stimulated. For me, that ended up being in the banking industry, where I worked for over twenty years. But it took me awhile to figure out that was where I wanted to be.

And while my first jobs weren’t my dream jobs, I learned a lot that stayed with me.

I got fired from working in the ice-cream shop. One day, a customer came in and ordered a milkshake. This wouldn’t have been a problem if I’d secured the lid to the blender. Unfortunately, ice-cream went ALL over the place. Instead of quickly cleaning it up and apologizing, I thought it was funny, and laughed. Loudly, and for a long time. The people in line having to wait didn’t think it was funny. Neither did the manager. But I learned how to appropriately handle this type of situation, and what not to do. I also learned to stay far away from anything having to remotely do with food.

But the skills I learned early in my first jobs: how to handle myself in a professional manner, the importance of treating people fairly, being responsible, and how to talk with people, are skills I’ve carried with me throughout my career and life.

Never underestimate the importance of a strong work ethic. It’s something we’re trying to teach to our children. The skills they will gain at their first jobs, and the insights they will have because of the exposure to new and different environments, are invaluable.

Their first jobs might not be their dream jobs, but it’s how they’ll learn and grow.

As we get older, we change. We must be willing to allow ourselves the opportunity to explore a different path. Nothing is ever set in stone. I’m on a very different path now, and appreciate you taking this journey with me. Thank you for reading my blog, and for following my CRAZY PERFECT LIFE.

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