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An Active Choice

Someone said to me recently, “Dara, you’re always so happy. Aren’t you ever in a bad mood?”

“I have you fooled,” I responded, “Of course, I get into bad moods. I get grumpy and tired just like everyone else.”

When that happens, I make an active choice.

Just ask my kids and my husband if I’m ever in a bad mood. They’ll be thrilled to share with you how grumpy I can sometimes get. Actually, make sure you have a lot of time, because once they start talking, they won’t stop.

We all get into bad moods. I’m human, you’re human, our kids are human.

However, when I start to feel grumpy, I try to recognize it, become aware that I’m in a bad mood, and turn it around.

I live with intention.

Make an active choice, and live with intention.

Make an active choice, and live with intention.

You have to make an active choice, and intentionally turn your frown upside down.

You have to intentionally move yourself out of a bad mood, and into a good one. It isn’t easy, but it can be done. Step back from whatever you’re doing, take a deep breath, a short walk, a hot bath, and look at the big picture.

“It’s not that easy,” this person continued. She was determined to convince me she couldn’t do anything about her bad mood.

Our minds play a big role in how we feel. Just like they contribute to our bad moods, our minds can also help move us into a happy place. This person wasn’t buying it, and I wasn’t going to try to convince her. She didn’t want to hear it.

In some ways, it’s easier to just say, “I’m in a bad mood, it is what it is.” But, if we buy into the belief that our minds can play a role in how we feel, and help turn our moods around, then we have to take some responsibility. Of course we all get grumpy. It’s just part of life.

Deciding if we’re going to turn it around, well, we that’s all on us.

I take full responsibility for actively choosing to turn my grumpy self into a happy person. I can tell myself things that help put me into a good mood, or I can buy into the bad mood, let it fester, and tell myself thoughts that feed the bad mood.

And guess what? So can you.

The next time you feel yourself getting angry or grumpy, try to talk yourself out of it. Try not to focus on your negative feelings, and intentionally feed yourself positive thoughts. It might take a little practice, but you’ll start to notice how much power your mind actually has.

I’d rather spend my life in a good mood, and I’m guessing you would too.

Find meaning each day,


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